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The Concubine, one of the classic novels of modern African literature has been made into a film. The Concubine was written by Elechi Amadi and the film was directed by the accomplished Nollywood movies director Andy Amenechi.

About the novel:
“Mr. Amadi writes with, shapeliness and exhilaration , a lovely and dignified picture of a society, not only still ruled by gods, but governed by a great delicacy in human relationships, full of respect for others. - The Guardian

Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. However, their passion is fated, and jealousy, a love portion and the closeness of the spirit world, lift this simple Nigerian tale onto a tragic plane.

The world premiere of The Concubine comes up at the fourth Best of the Best African Film and TV Programmes Market, dubbed BOBTV, in Abuja, from March 11, 2007...MORE