HIS BOOKS:          The Concubine (novel) London: Heinemann (1966);           The Great Ponds (novel) London: Heinemann (1969);           The Slave (novel) London: Heinemann (1977);           Estrangement (novel) London: Heinemann (1987);           Isiburu (play) London: Heinemann (1973);           Sunset in Biafra (war diary) London: Heinemann (1973);           Peppersoup (play) Onibonoje: Ibadan (1977);           The Road to Ibadan (play) Onibonoje: Ibadan (1977);           Dancer of Johannesburg (play) Onibonoje: Ibadan (1977);           Ethics in Nigerian Culture (philosophy) London: Heinemann (1982);           The Woman of Calabar (play) Gitelle Press, Port Harcourt (2002);           Speaking and Singing (Essays and Poems) University of Port Harcourt Press (2003)                                         Latest News:  WHEN GOD CAME,  a sci-fi novel by Elechi Amadi now available  READ MORE
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- A book edited by Seiyifa Koroye now available!
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Elechi Amadi Speaks On J.P. CLARKE

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 Elechi Amadi delivers lecture in Nairobi, Kenya
"World famed Nigerian author Elechi Amadi is in the country for a series of public talks. This morning Elechi who has authored five African novels addressed a public forum and this is what he had to say on leadership."
- NTVKenya (www.ntv.co.ke)
      So this is the man that gave us the concubine, hahaha, Ihuoma, I can still remember reading that book in school. one of my favourites.
     - karuitha 
      Man of great wisdon if followed. Unfortunately his homeland of Nigeria is ranked the most corrupted country in Africa and the fifth corrupted Nation in the world world. One wonders why his wisdon is not recognised in his own country
      Elechi Amadi is a Nobel price material, he is second to none when it comes to African literature and can only be compared the other great writer his country man Chinua Achebe.
     - 72okoths
      One of my favourite writers!!!
     - MrJaugenya


Elechi Amadi's new book, WHEN GOD CAME is NOW AVAILABLE!!!
You can get a copy for N500 only at:
Writing School

7, Mbodo Road, Aluu
Call: 08033398036
Planet Concepts
7, Peremiebiri Street, D-line, PH
(1st Floor, Left Wing)
Call: 08023364755, 08056255448

Autographed copies available at Planet Concepts for only N500.
Watch this space for more.

ELECHI AMADI Kidnapped & RELEASED : Our own Elechi Amadi author of "The Concubine", etc was kidnapped last night, January 05, 2009 at his home (Aluu town) Port Harcourt, southern Nigeria. However, he was released barely 24-hours to his abduction by unknown gunmen. His release came as a welcome development to many well wishers within and outside Nigeria who all had condemned the act.

Capt. Elechi Amadi was released on the evening of January 6, 2009 after being taken hostage by unknown gunmen.... READ MORE

Elechi Amadi is hale and hearty. View LIVE PICTURES FROM HIS HOME... click here

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